Save up to

on electricity bill by eliminating electricity wastage in your property!

Why do buildings waste alarming amounts of electricity ?

Human Negligence

Appliances left running even when they are not being used.

Faulty Equipment

Unable to operate optimally due to wear and tear & fluctuations.

We help you monitor and control electricity in your property using a combination of hardware and our online analytics dashboard ​

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Automation + Energy Analytics ​

with several solutions for commercial buildings to enable and accelerate a smart building journey

Energy Management

Manage your electricity in a data driven fashion, completely eliminate energy wastage and save upto 40% on your energy bill

Remote Plug Load Management

Remotely monitor and control plug loads from our dashboard or using our rule engine.

Proactive Maintenance

Monitor critical power hungry appliances in real time and maintain them proactively in a data driven fashion. Reduce 20% on maintenance.

Energy Billing

Want to charge the occupants of your property for the electricity they use? Well, we’ve got you covered with that as well.

Space Optimization

Monitor all critical equipments within your property. Identify unused equipment and utilize your space judiciously.

Revenue Assurance

Make sure that your staff is not selling your inventory (hotel rooms/meeting rooms) “under the table”. Make sure that there is no revenue leakage at front desk. 

Free Walkthrough Energy Audit for your property

A walk-through assessment is the easiest and least expensive means of identifying and evaluating energy use in your hotel. Since people have a major effect on how energy is used, this audit pays particular attention to identifying habits and procedures that can be adapted to use energy more efficiently

Find smart solutions

Energy Management

For any building with 50+ units
  • Simple Installation
  • Save 40% on E-Bills
  • Detect Faulty Equipments
  • Energy Efficient Automations
  • Measure electricity in real time and remotely

Revenue Assurance

For Hotels, Hostels, Coworking spaces
  • PMS integration
  • Minimise Revenue Leakage
  • Energy Efficient Automations
  • Save 200 Room Nights annually
  • Eliminate under the table bookings